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2 - 5 October 2022


Co-organized with the 20th GSCC-CB annual Congress and XXIX BCLF annual meeting

18 - 20 FEBRUARY 2021


XXXIVth STBC National Days of Clinical Biology

The European Federation of Clinical Chemistry and Laboratory Medicine (EFLM) and the Arab Federation of Clinical Biology (AFCB) recognize the importance of working together in order to collaborate on specific issues that have been identified as being mutually important in the Federations´ realm of expertise and professional activities.

Especially they recognize that today´s societies are characterized by an increasing mobility of their citizens both within the Federations´ borders, but also across the Mediterranean region defining the geographical interface between the Federations.

Increasingly, migration and getaway movements are the consequence of unrest, war and socio-political instability often leaving the victims in desperate need for health care not only upon entering EFLM and AFCB member countries, but also beyond their point of entry during their continued migration through the Federations´ territories.

In consequence EFLM and AFCB recognize the importance of jointly supporting the evolution of comprehensive laboratory strategies in the context of mobile societies and people migration by networking health care Professionals in the Mediterranean region.

a common effort of