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Virtual Congress


1st EFLM-AFCB Conference

“Laboratory Medicine For Mobile Societies”

XXXIVth STBC National Days of Clinical Biology

Under the auspices of the

Free online registration

Scientific themes

  • Epidemiology and common health care interventions
  • Laboratory medicine and mobile societies in the era of digitalization
  • Migration and genetics
  • Migration and drug addiction
  • Migration and emerging infectious diseases
  • Laboratory diagnosis of COVID-19
  • Physiopathological mechanisms of thrombotic events linked to COVID-19
  • Companion diagnostic tests associated with targeted therapy
  • Updates on diagnosis and management of acute coronary syndromes
  • Delayed hemolytic transfusion reaction in sickle cell disease
  • IFCC TFYS symposium: Young scientists confronting COVID-19 pandemic
  • Professional symposium: The new nomenclature of medical biology tests in Tunisia

Pre-Congress workshop

Molecular biology course :
  • Next-generation sequencing and its
  • applications in clinical biology
  • Nutrigenetics

a common effort of